Should I Purchase Directly from a Pre-construction Developer?

Purchasing a pre-construction condo may seem like a straightforward process, but it is far from it. Developers are primarily concerned with protecting their interests, which is why it is crucial to have an experienced real estate professional to help you protect yours.   Many people might have the wrong impression that a pre-construction purchase and sales agreement is set in stone and even if there is something against your interest, there is nothing to do about it.  That is completely a myth and it’s not true.  Many aspects during the pre-construction condos are negotiable.  Our expertise and industry knowledge will assist you in negotiating with the developer on aspects you may not even be aware of.

At Enso Realty, our priority is to ensure that you make informed decisions about your real estate purchase. Your dedicated real estate sales representative is committed to negotiating on your behalf and protecting your interests.

In addition to negotiating on your behalf, your real estate sales representative will provide you with insightful and unbiased real estate market analysis. You will also have access to reserved floor plans, early/off-market access, and incentives that are not available to the general public.

Our commitment to providing personalized service is backed by a professional client manager who will ensure that you receive the attention you deserve. We are confident that our team’s expertise and exceptional service will make this real estate transaction a success.

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