Understanding the Home Appraisal Process

The home appraisal process in Canada is the process of determining the market value of a property, typically performed by a professional appraiser. The appraisal report is often used by lenders when considering a mortgage application, and it provides an unbiased assessment of the value of the property.   It is possible to hire your own appraiser which is on the bank’s approval list.  

The process involves the following steps:

  1. Property inspection: The appraiser will visit the property and perform a thorough inspection, taking into account its size, features, and condition.
  2. Research: The appraiser will then research comparable properties in the area to assess the current market conditions and value of similar properties.
  3. Analysis: The appraiser will analyze the data collected during the inspection and research phases to determine an accurate market value for the property.
  4. Report: The appraiser will compile a detailed report outlining the property’s value, including any factors that may have affected the final appraisal value.

Some key factors that can impact the appraisal value of a property include location, size, age, condition, and any recent renovations or upgrades. Location is a particularly important factor, as properties in desirable neighbourhoods with good schools, amenities, and transportation options typically command higher prices than properties in less desirable areas.

Overall, the home appraisal process is an important step in the home buying and selling process in Canada, as it helps ensure that both buyers and sellers have an accurate understanding of the property’s value.


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