First Time Pre-Construction Home Buyer's Guide

Purchasing a preconstruction condominium differs significantly from acquiring a resale house. This guide aims to impart crucial information you should be aware of prior to investing in a preconstruction property.  This guide covers the following topics:

Downsizing Living Styles Guide

At ENSŌ Realty, we understand the importance of providing you with all the essential information about downsizing. Our guide covers various topics such as the benefits of downsizing, key factors to consider, alternative options to downsizing, real estate market update. We also delve into the developer’s track record.  This guide covers the following topics:

Special Report: Developer Track Record Report

Purchasing a condominium from an unreliable developer exposes buyers to a multitude of risks. These encompass financial uncertainties, concerns regarding construction quality, potential delays, and even challenges when reselling the property. Hence, delving into the developer’s historical performance becomes pivotal in guaranteeing a positive experience when investing in a pre-construction condo. In an effort to provide comprehensive insights and assist you in navigating the intricate journey of procuring a pre-construction condo, ENSŌ Realty has curated a report. This report serves the purpose of shedding light on the track records of developers within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). By perusing this report, you are equipped with valuable knowledge that empowers you to make informed decisions, safeguarding your interests throughout the pre-construction condo acquisition process.

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